WISL will be a Women’s Division II Professional League. At our core, we are an equality project. Our empowering leadership culture will champion meritocracy, diversity, and opportunity as our standards.

As a league, We will be radically independent. Our league will be governed by our clubs. We will not have franchises, franchise fees, nor territory rights. Instead, we will operate as an open system where opportunity is for everyone.

Our empowering leadership culture will be a beacon for developing healthy mindsets, experiences, and infrastructure. It will be a haven for elevating the greatest generation of female athletes and leaders the world has ever seen… on and off the pitch.

In short, a truly authentic,
socially inclusive,
intellectually progressive,
incredibly interesting
place to be.

We vow to hold a space for diverse women to play their greatest matches and live their greatest lives — a space that honors the legends before us, among us, and within us, forever leaving a positive mark in herstory.

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Independent women have worn the cloak of a lone warrior for far too long. We’ve beaten the odds of inequality to pursue our dreams. We’ve gone against the grain, proving stereotypes wrong while shattering glass boxes.

To all the independent women who get it done, solve the problems, and keep it real… the independent women who stand in their truth, on their own two feet, and stand up against injustice…

You’ve walked through fire. 
We see you. We believe in you. We trust in you.

We are you… and this is our league.

Step into a culture where you can grow beyond the confines of your armor; where the beautiful game becomes an arena for elevating your leadership style; where you build your team for the next chapter of your journey.

This is our haven, and the world will know our presence.

Suit up and rise above.

We’re told it will take 108 years to close the gender gap. At that rate, not one of us will see it in our lifetime… and to that we say, “watch this.” It’s time to ignite the independent spirit in every woman.

Meritocracy is our standard,
diversity is our touchstone, and
opportunity is for everyone.

May we all experience worldwide equality and lead the next generation to greatness without a glass ceiling over our heads. Let’s make it so.

League Leadership

Lynn Berling-Manuel

Managing Director

Jennie Patel

Social / Digital Media

Alexa Doebler

Director of Culture & Education

Steve Johnson

PR & Media Relations

Samantha Prutch

Chief Marketing Officer

Josh Prutch

EVP Expansion

Landon Adams

Director of Expansion

Simon Rose

Business Strategist